“Let’s ask the body and not tell it what to do.” I just renewed my personal training certification by becoming certified as a functional training specialist, which epitomizes my philosophy! I am stoked on the progression of the fitness industry! Definitely different than when I started over a decade ago.

Functional training specialists, prescribe corrective exercises to prevent injury and restorative exercises to promote wellbeing. The goal is to help people move more efficiently so they can make changes minute to minute in their daily lives and not just at the gym.

My Fiance Elliot!

Public Health Week 2017 

OHA - Office of Equity and Inclusion

Teaching my Strength Training group fitness class for National Public Health Week at the State Of Oregon Office Building in Portland! Low Impact, Interval Training (LIIT) because exercise can be fun when modified for you! Instead of dragging yourself out the door with new aches and pain, leave feeling energized, relieved, and motivated to move more! 

Character Performer: undead nurse from the horror film Mommie Dearest

For my business class at naturopathic medical school, I made an informational video about an educational topic that I am passionate about sharing known as Ortho-Bionomy! As part of the assignment, I also made a blog article for more information and took the opportunity to create a blog at https://woahmedicine.wordpress.com/. This feed can be found linked under the Blog tab above. Stay tuned for more posts! 

Feeling fancy at OHSU for the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) II aka the next step in medical school. This one lets me be a primary intern in clinic next year, my final year at NUNM. 

As the president of somatic re-education or Orthobionomy at my school, it is my passion to learn how to listen to the body. 

Somatic is a gentle, non-invasive approach to physical medicine that focuses on listening to the body as a guide to unwinding healing patterns and restoring balance. It is an interactive approach to human learning that uses touch and movement to bring about improved cognitive and physical abilities.

Somatic re-education is a philosophy and an art form that can be thought of as the homeopathy of bodywork. It is a dance between the practitioner and the patient. 

Wide Awake Stories is a monthly podcast hosted by the Insomniac Editorial Team. Featuring exclusive interviews with DJs, artists, creators and fans, the show shines a spotlight on the vibrant communities and personalities that make dance music culture so unique.

Events & Photos

At the root of naturopathic medicine is self-compassion because it fuels our compassion for others. It sounds simple, but speaking nicely to my body started my whole healing journey. The body has so many stories to tell when we listen with curiosity instead of judgement.

National University of Natural Medicine 2017

Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, N.D

Expected Graduation Year 2020

White coat ceremony is a tradition within the medical community that marks a medical student's right of passage into the clinical setting seeing patients and learning to apply the knowledge that we are gaining in school.  After completing 2 years of coursework and with 3 more years left until graduation, we officially begin the "practice" of medicine.

El Pulpo Mecanico by Duane Flatmo

I believe it is the hands on application of the principles of naturopathic medicine. As a gentle, non-invasive system of healing, Ortho-Bionomy reminds the body of its natural ability to restore balance. It is an interactive approach to human learning that uses touch and movement to bring about improved cognitive and physical abilities. Instead of trying to change or fix anyone, we are listening, following, and encouraging healing patterns to release at their own pace. 

These words speak to my soul. Some days I can climb on stage across the world and other days I can’t climb out of bed. I just wish for this kind of awareness during my dark days too. 

It was an honor to be a part of this international video by Insomniac Events. 

Escape Psycho Circus at NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, CA. October 2019. Halloween music festival with immersive theater by Insomniac Events. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone by playing a character without talking or smiling, brought a special kind of magic into my life.  I am so grateful for all the life lessons I learn at these shows. 

Ortho-Bionomy is a philosophy and an art form that can be thought of as the homeopathy of bodywork. It is a dance between the practitioner and the patient.

EDC Clown Leader 

Electric Daisy Carnival 

International Insomniac Events 

Oktoberfest 5K Road Race 2018

Mount Angel, Oregon 

When my personal training client and I first met, she looked at me deadpan and said, “I’m never gonna run,” to which I replied, “No worries I never run.” Cut to one year later and we both ran/walked our first 5k together. There is much to be said about mutual accountability. I hold immense gratitude for how far we have progressed together. She’s a rockstar. We met ourselves where we are and accomplished our goals of no pain and lots of fun! It feels like I finally got my old feet back this year (since my wheelchair days) and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!

EDC China Premiere Video Shoot 2018

The W Rooftop Shanghai, China  


My Fiance got the chance to work on El Pulpo Mecanico, the flame throwing octopus art installation and mutant vehicle while I performed for the event as a character actor, dancer, and improv performing artist.

WOAH! Medicine LLC

Podcast Interview for Wide Awake Stories by Insomniac Events. Tune in at 19:19s to hear about my connection between naturopathic medicine, clowning, and spiritual health! 

Podcast Interview for Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2017

Mexico City, Mexico 

​Holistic Personal Training and Bodywork

“You have overcome the standard of care to become a true naturopath.”

This certificate of achievement from old school naturopathic physician and history/philosophy professor at my school, means more to me than any liscense ever will because it is rooted in authenticity. Since I started naturopathic medical school, I have completely transformed my health and my life, down to every last detail. I feel more alive and more free than ever before.

I am so excited for the future. I still officially graduate from the doctorate ND program in 2020 from NUNM.