Gentle Bodywork

Using gentle light touch manual therapies, let's work together to improve movement patterns, blood flow, strength, and energy.

Body Work

Energetic Reiki massage sessions. Cranial-sacral therapy,  orthobionomy, and massage techniques offered as I learn them in school! Infrared sauna available. 

WOAH: Work Out At Home so that you can be prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime! Learn tips for training with little to no equipment! Gain the strength to follow your dreams wherever they may take you.

With: Lianne Aglietti

Sign up for a personal training membership package for sustainability through your exercise program. Memberships include group fitness classes. 

Membership Packages​​

Mindful Exercise

 Learning to practice mindfulness during movement can help us listen to our bodies and individualize our own exercise prescriptions.

Whole body wellness

WOAH! Medicine LLC

Personal Training 

An initial evaluation will include a full health history and evaluation to work as a team on your exercise prescription based on your individual needs and goals. 



Self-care is not an indulgence but a necessity for health and wellness. Treat yourself to nature's cure by improving the circulation and flow in your body!

Lifestyle Coaching

I am currently a naturopathic medical student striving to follow these principles in all of my work including nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

​Holistic Personal Training and Bodywork